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How to Block Emails in Gmail

Spam's a problem. In fact, it's a BIG problem for everyone. Research by shows that as much as 45% of all mail traffic is actually spam. That's almost half of the email people receive.


And spam doesn't just include unsolicited marketing offers. It extends to

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How to Stop Emails from my Own Account

This is a case where you receive an email from someone insisting that you sent them an infected message. On just about every occasion, the message actually does look like it was sent from you and more than likely included an attachment which is infected. These are fake emails sent

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New Gmail Extension Helps Simplify Your Inbox

Block Sender, a new Google Chrome extension allows Gmail users to block any email with just a single click.

Annoying email messages are like the pollution of Gmail. No one likes it and everyone wants a simple way to get rid of it. Gmail allows users to set up filters

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