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Are you getting inundated with spam, unwanted newsletters, and the overenthusiastic chain letter? While Google does offer a rudimentary system for setting up filters to help sort out your mail, the process is extremely complicated and time-consuming. Luckily there is a Chrome extension that can take care of all your problems - with Gmail that is! Block Sender for Gmail will get rid of spam with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Installing Block Sender for Gmail is fast and easy. When you're ready to say goodbye to spam for good, click the “Install” button found in the upper right-hand corner of this page to get started.

On the following page click "Add to Chrome" to install our extension.

Open up Gmail and create an account with Block Sender when prompted. After confirming your email, link your Gmail account with Block Sender. Then, look for an email that you wish to block and open it. At the top of the screen you'll now see next to the trash icon a new block button.

Note that if you've accidentally blocked an address, you can find the undo option by clicking the “Emails from this sender” option again, or by removing it in the Manage Blocks section of the app.

Getting tough on individual spammers is great. However, sometimes blocking a single email address isn't quite enough. It is common practice for unscrupulous companies to send email from multiple different accounts on the same domain. Thankfully, Block Sender for Gmail can take care of this too.

Click the block button and you'll find additional options, which are described below:

  • Clicking on the first option, "Emails from this sender", will block only that email address. “Email from this domain” will block all email sent from the same domain as the sender of that email, which makes it perfect for blocking emails from social networks and websites who tend to use different email addresses for different tasks. If its an email conversation thread that is bothering you, you can choose "Emails with same subject" and it will instantly be sent to your trash with the rest of your blocked spam. The last option is "All email with a word/phrase", which will allow you to choose exactly what you want to keep out.
  • One unique and clever aspect of Block Sender for Gmail is the “Reply with...” option, which automatically a bounce-back message, making it seem like your email address no longer exists.
  • Clicking the Block Sender icon in the upper right-hand corner of your browser will bring up a list of more options, like a way to see your account settings, a link to upgrade your account, connect more accounts, etc.

That's it - it really is that easy to block unwanted emails in Gmail. With just a simple click (or two) you know have a powerful flexible tool to bring you the clean inbox you've always wanted.

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