How can I Prevent Email Clutter from Wowcher?

Wowcher is a site for shopping, news, and a variety of other things. One of those other things happens to be a source of much spam. Your Gmail account can easily get overloaded because of these emails that are sent on a constant basis. As it turns out, clicking any unsubscribe link or button in the emails only makes matters far worse. In doing so, you’re letting Wowcher know that your email address is active. So they keep going.

  • Install Block Sender for Gmail by clicking the “Install” button found in the upper right-hand corner of this site. The installation won’t take long. Open Gmail when it is done.
  • After signing up for a Block Sender account and linking your Gmail account to Block Sender, open the unwanted email, and click the "Block" button on the messages toolbar.
  • Select the "Emails from this sender" option.

From now on the sender will not be able to email you from that address. And if you ever need to unblock them for any reason, you can always do that by going to your Gmail inbox, clicking the "Block" button, selecting "Manage Blocks", and deleting the block from the list.

From there, it’s up to you if you want to delete the email, leave it in your inbox, or archive it.

Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

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