How do I Stop Someone from Sending Me Harassing Emails?

Harassing emails, which is part of cyber stalking, is a major problem for email users in general. Various websites that offer free email services have their own Terms of Service which cover and help protect you against email harassment. The problem is, the person harassing someone can continue to do so from multiple email accounts so your inbox still gets flooded with this junk.

The main advice given to anyone being harassed via email should keep a copy of the email as evidence. However, other steps can be taken to help you. Block Sender for Gmail can certainly help by easily blocking said emails once you add them to the list of blocks you create.

Here’s how to stop harassing emails:

  • Download and install Block Sender (available for Chrome, Firefox). It’s a small sized extension and won't take long at all to install.
  • Log into Gmail, create a Block Sender account when prompted, link your Gmail account with Block Sender, and open the email in question.
  • Optional: Make a copy of the email for evidence (for example, in case you ever need to refer to it later when getting a restraining order).
  • While the email in question is still open, click Block Sender's Block button found next to the Delete button near the top of the email, then select the "Emails from this sender" option.

That’s all there is to it. Whenever the person harassing you is added to the Block Sender list, it goes to wherever you sent it according to the options you chose. The trick to it is that as long as the person harassing you via email doesn’t know they’re being blocked, they can keep sending the problems to the “breeze” you set it up to go to. Even if the person harassing you attempts to continue via other email accounts, simply follow the same steps and those are gone too.

In the case you’re receiving harassing emails from another Gmail user; you can also report that Gmail user and their account will be removed. As an extra measure, you can also report the problem to the proper authorities. Just be sure it’s a legitimate case of harassment because there are cases where someone makes a mistake.

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