How to Block Emails from Apple

Apple does have a variety of emails that are sent to you, many of which are advertisements and promotional offers. Often, these emails can redecorate your Gmail inbox in to something you don't want. This might happen when you sign up for an account and forget to uncheck a box with the option to receive “special” offers.

If you can access your account and unsubscribe from these emails then that is the best option, although this isn't always possible for many different reasons. And there are a variety of cases where phishing scams and other problems can be showing up in your inbox as well. These are scammers trying to get your account details and/or personal information is a really wide spread problem, so blocking them is a very important step.

Follow these instructions to block Apple emails or phishing scams regarding Apple:

  • Install Block Sender for Gmail by clicking the “Install” button found in the upper right-hand corner of this site. The installation won’t take long. Open Gmail when it is done.
  • After signing up for a Block Sender account and linking your Gmail account to Block Sender, open the unwanted email from Apple, and click the "Block" button on the messages toolbar.
  • Select the "Emails from this sender" option.

Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

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