New Gmail Extension Helps Simplify Your Inbox

Block Sender, a new Google Chrome extension allows Gmail users to block any email with just a single click.

Annoying email messages are like the pollution of Gmail. No one likes it and everyone wants a simple way to get rid of it. Gmail allows users to set up filters for their messages, but these can be confusing and cause important messages to go unseen.

Block Sender provides an easy solution for people that want to remove the clutter from their Gmail account. Installing the extension gives users a “block” button at the top of the screen that permanently blocks emails with a single click. Users have the option to block emails by the sender’s address, domain, subject line, and even key words. In addition to blocking their emails, Block Sender can also send an error message that tells the sender that your email account doesn’t exist.

Block Sender is a simple yet powerful tool that makes life easier for Gmail users. Blocked senders are not told that they’re blocked, their messages are just discreetly taken out of your inbox. Instead of jumping through hoops to unsubscribe from an unwanted newsletter, a single click ensures that you won’t have to see or deal with it ever again. Block Sender is also flexible, making it easy to unblock someone if you change your mind or block them by mistake.

Perhaps best of all, Block Sender is available as a free download in the Google Chrome Web Store. Users receive a limited number of blocks per month that they can increase by sharing Block Sender with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. For a small monthly or yearly fee, users can upgrade to a premium version of Block Sender that allows unlimited email blocking. There is also an Enterprise Edition available for team and companies that want to give the tool to their entire office.

Block Sender is available now and can be found here or by searching for “Block Sender” in the Chrome Web Store.

Last Updated: June 21st, 2023
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