Stop Emails from CareerBuilder

On, you post your resume and you're supposed to be able to find a job. There are a number of cases where people did post their resume but unfortunately, all they got was spam emails and their time wasted. So now instead of starting that new job they get to deal with all the spam showing up in their Gmail inbox and no paying job to show for it. Removing your resume and unsubscribing may turn out to be too late once it starts. To top it off, CareerBuilder ends up sending you weekly job lists that won't match anything you are qualified for.

If this sounds like what you're dealing with, here is one way you can prevent those emails from ever getting to your inbox:

  • Install Block Sender for Gmail by clicking the "Install" button found in the upper right-hand corner of this site. The installation won't take long. Open Gmail when it is done.
  • After signing up for a Block Sender account and linking your Gmail account to Block Sender, open the unwanted email from CareerBuilder, and click the "Block" button on the messages toolbar.
  • Select the "Emails from this sender" option.
Last Updated: August 12th, 2022
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