How to Filter Emails in Gmail

Each of us experience uncountable junk mails every single day, and the process of recognizing the important mails ignoring the spam ones can take quite a while. The process is definitely not fun, and can often be very annoying and stressful.

That is why installing the Gmail spam filter Block Sender can be very helpful. With the help of the application, you will be able to stop all junk emails from reaching your inbox with a single click. The application allows you to filter mails by sender, website name or subject line.

In order to filter all the unwanted or annoying emails with the help of the Block Sender Gmail junk filter app, use the following no-brainer process:

  • Install Block Sender for Gmail by clicking the “Install” button found in the upper right-hand corner of this site. The installation won’t take long. Open Gmail when it is done.
  • After signing up for a Block Sender account and linking your Gmail account to Block Sender, open an email from the person or website you don't want to receive emails from, and click the "Block" button on the messages toolbar.
  • Select the "Emails from this sender" option.

As you have noticed, the process of blocking emails using the Block Sender app for Gmail is very straightforward and user-friendly. Moreover, this process of getting rid of spam does not consume huge chunks of your time, making Block Sender the ideal app for all your email filtering needs.

Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

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